Coming this February to Kickstarter will be a fast paced, three to six player, family friendly, slapping card game called Splat That! from Deviled Eggz game.

In Splat That! players will try to get rid of all their cards. The first player to do just that will win the game. However getting rid of all your cards is not so easy to do. Players must be able to quickly slap the cards being played. The last player to slap the stack will have to pick up the pile & add it to their own stack of cards.

The game is pretty simple. To setup the game, the dealer will shuffle the 108 card deck & deal out all the cards as evenly as possible to every player joining in on the fun. The cards are placed in stacks instead of going into a player’s hand. So players will be blindly playing cards.

The player to the dealers left will play the first card from the top of their deck face-up into the middle of play.

As quickly as possible, without hurting their hands, players will want to slap the cards being played when they see Chef Splat, Dare Devil, the No! card, or any double. Quickness counts with these three cards. Last person to slap Chef Splat has to grab the pile. Dare Devil allows the first person to slap it to dare someone playing the game to do something. If that person won’t except the dare then they must take the pile. The card of No! allows the first player to slap it, to keep it. No! stays face-up in front of that player for a one time future use. This will allow that player to say “No!” to doing certain things like grabbing a pile, taking a dare, or switching decks with another player.


Players will have to watch for slapping cards like the Practical Yolker. The Practical Yolker is a trick card. It looks like Chef Splat except he’s holding a rubber chicken instead of a fork.


There are a few cards, when played, will activate a card ability. Remember playing blindly from the top of a deck can really surprise players.

The cards players will have to keep their eyes on are Bad Egg, Cracked Egg, Scrambler, & Switch-a-Roo.

The player who plays Bad Egg will have to sit out of the game until a “slapping” takes place. This may allow that player to sit back & watch the fun while others scramble to play the game. Although if drawn towards the end of the game, the Bad Egg could hinder a player at getting rid of the last few cards in their stack.


The Cracked Egg card forces every player to pretend to crack an egg on their head. The last player to do so will have to pick up the stack from play.


When Scrambler is played, players will hand their deck to the player on their left. This makes the game interesting. If you are the player with the largest stack then you can be relieved to get rid of it.


Then there is the Switch-a-Roo card. If a player plays Switch-a-Roo from their stack then they will get to choose another person to switch their stack with. Good news if that player has the largest stack or bad news for the player with the fewest cards remaining.

Luckily cards like Switch-a-Roo or Scrambler will only be seen maybe a few times since there is only one of each.

Anyone that has to grab a stack from the table, unless you are the Flash, will have to add those cards to your stack. Don’t forget doubles are very important as well.


This is a fun game for a family game night or to just have some goofy fun when hanging out with friends. I have to note that in the rules it says that you don’t have to integrate the dares into the game. Adults aren’t really good at doing dares, but children have a lot of fun just being silly with daring.

All in all I think this fast & fun game will be loved by kids & families. I think they would definitely get the most fun out of Splat That! Keep an eye out for it on Kickstarter this February. Plus the art is fun & silly when you it comes to eggs, chickens, & skeletons.

Get ready to slap some cards & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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