About fifteen or so years ago I started collecting Wizkids Games Mage Knight & Heroclix. I love miniature games & have been playing those types of games for decades. One game I didn’t get into was Wizkids Star Trek Tactics.

I was always into the hero versus villain, hero versus monster, but not into outer space battles.

But in the last few years I have played in numerous tournaments for Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing & for Fantasy Flights Star Wars Armada. By playing these two awesome miniature games I now want to jump right into playing the Star Trek Tactics when Wizkids finally revives it in September.

After being put on the back burner almost four years ago, Wizkids is going to bring it back with a new Series IV starter which will include the U.S.S. Enterprise, U.S.S. Enterprise B, I.R.W. Gal Gath’thong, I.R.W. Algeron. The ships will feature new click-based dials.

Also included with the new starter will be a double-sided map, Powers & Abilities cards, tokens, dice, & character cards.

The original run saw over eighty different vessels from across the Star Trek universe. In the revival we will see an additional twenty-five total ships come out in booster packs. The numbers will vary in the common, uncommon, & rare ships.

I’m curious to see what factions & ships will make it into this new series. The question on my mind is if they are going to put any new ships or factions into it or just re-release the ships that have already been released through the original three series?

So look for the new Star Trek Tactics series IV to come out in stores sometime in September. The starter will run $24.99 while the boosters will cost $4.99.

Additionally stores can opt in for a release day tournament kit. These kits will include prizes such as ships & double-sided maps along with instructions on how to run the tournament.

-Christopher Richter

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