Let’s all say howdy to Farmer Miller & Farmer Dean. They are two of the actions cards in the new game of Chicken Run from Pround Games. The game of Chicken Run is for two to five players, ages seven years to adult, & may take around thirty minutes to play.


In Chicken Run players will play action cards & various colors of hens to an imaginary chicken coop to form a chicken run. Once a chicken run is formed then points will be awarded to that player. The first player to ten points wins.

The setup to Chicken Run is pretty simple. The dealer will separate the chicken cards from the action cards shuffling them into two different piles. Each player then receives three random hen cards & one action card.

At the beginning of turn a player will draw two hen cards.During a player’s turn a player will be able to do a few things. A player will then play cards from their hand to one of their imaginary chicken coops or play any number of action cards. They may also discard any unwanted card. Or they may trade cards with another player. At the end of turn a player will draw two action cards. One thing that players must remember is that the maximum hand size is five cards at the end of their turn.

What a player is looking to do is to create a chicken run. A chicken run is four of the same color hen, a rooster, & a barrel of chicken feed.


Once a chicken run is done, then the player scoring the run will keep one of those hen cards to mark how many points they have scored. The value on the chicken is used as a marker for keeping track of the score.


Player’s will have to be careful when the start to set up for their run because everyone else may be ready to play actions to disrupt their coop. Actions players will see during the game are the Fox, the Snake, & the Weasel.


The Fox allows a player to force another to discard a card from their chicken coop. While the Snake can slither in & steal a card from another player’s hand. The Weasel will be able to sneak into another player’s coop to steal a card. But while these are bad, the Guard Dog will be able to protect a player’s hand & coop in response to an attack.

Now Farmer Dean & Farmer Miller can be used as any of the action cards. They can also be used as a Rooster & as Feed.

During a player’s turn they may decide that they do not like their run or that their run has been too damaged to continued with. Then that player may discard all of their cards currently in the coop.

The first player to score ten points wins the game.

Players may also trade cards with one another. Although once a card has been played into a coop it may not be traded. Pround Games also encourages players to come up with their own “House Rules”.

This is a fun group game to play. There is definitely some give & take while playing Chicken Run. It isn’t a hard game to learn, but it is a hard game to create strategy in. I do like that fact because this puts all the players onto the same level of play. I’ve played Chicken Run with several groups of people & we all hand a real fun time playing.

Farmer Dean & Miller are super useful to keep in hand just in case you need an action to use.

Chicken Run started off as a Kickstarter project for Pround Games. Their Kickstarter was launched in June of 2016 & was fully backed later that month. Now if you want your own copy of Chicken Run you will have to go to here: Pround Games. Here they offer Chicken Run, a free print & play Halloween version of Chicken Run called Chicken rUNDEAD, & clothing such as Chicken Run socks & a Pround Logo shirt.

I do think I need to get one of those Pround Games shirts. I think their logo is very simple & very clean.

Time to get up with the chickens & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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