Since 2011 kids & adults alike have enjoyed or have been disgusted with Pressman Toys’ Trash Pack. These goofy & gross looking miniatures are all in fun when it comes to forcing the cringe factor.

I figured that I would do a quick & simple review on Trash Pack: Dash For the Trash game.

Dash for the Trash is your basic spin and move game that is best played for kids under the age of ten.  It comes with four Trash Pack miniatures with one being exclusive to the game, so if you are a collector of the Trash Pack figurines then this should go into your collection.

Players will choose a Trashie, the name for the Trash Pack miniatures, & will place it on the starting space. Each turn a player will spin the arrow on the spinner card & move their Trashie the many spaces.

The object is to pick up one of each token that is placed on four different locations of the board. If a player spins more than what they need to land on one of these locations, then they pick up the token & stop their turn on that spot.

Mind you that there are spaces on the board that do have a negative affect on a player. Some spaces will send a player back a number of spaces, switch places with another player, or may force a player to spin a certain number to continue forward.


The first player to make it all the way around the board with all four of the different tokens will win the game. Pretty simple. For children Trash Pack: Dash for the Trash will teach them some critical thinking skills, but this game has a lot of luck to it.

This game is definitely not a game that will be found in my collection. I do think the Trash Pack figurines are interesting, but nothing like the old gross out style of my Garbage Pail Kids which have been around since the 1980’s.

The game is just good ‘ol fun for the family & especially for kids. So if you want a simple spin & move for your child then this is it.

Make sure to take out the trash & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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