I remember when I was ten years old, a fantastic love story premiered at the movies. It had giants, pirates, princesses, & magic. A true tale of love, villainy, & adventure. That movie was The Princess Bride. Once watched, it is a tale that can never be forgotten.

Last year Game Salute published the game of “I Hate To Kill You”. A dice game that replicates the swordplay encounters between such villains as Count Rugen & Prince Humperdinck versus the heroes Inigo Montoya & The Mysterious Man in Black.

The Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You is a two player game, ages ten to adult, & may take around ten minutes to play. It was designed by brothers John & Jim Harmon, who I have had the pleasure of gaming with over the past couple of years. Art was done by Felicia Cano.


To begin the game, players will choose which characters they want to be which will have a set of eight move cards. Each of  these cards have abilities. Each player will receive a set of six dueling dice. Each die will have a certain number of blank sides & sides with swords.


Players will then roll their active dice. They will then count up the amount of dice shown on the dice. Then each player will choose a move card. Then each player will reveal their move card simultaneously. Each of these move cards will have a rank number. The lowest number revealed will resolve first. In the event of a tie each player must discard one of their dice that shows a sword.

If at the end of the round a player has more swords than their opponent, then their opponent will suffer a point of damage to their character. The player scoring the hit then loses one of their dice that has a sword showing. The game will end when one person loses all five of their life.

The Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You is a quick little filler with lots of bluffing & a lot of dice rolling. It has a whole bunch of famous quotes from the film on each of the character cards.

This is one of those bluffing games that can be played by anyone. This makes the game really accessible for children to play.

My name isn’t Inigo Montoya but I will prepare to game on!

-Christopher Richter

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