In my last article I talked about the different Ravensburger games I had found while out thrifting one day. One of the other games I had found & purchased was a game called Stadt-Land-Fluss or in English: City-Country-River.

This is another good learning game for children. In Stadt-Land-Fluss players are given a sheet that has a series of categories associated with each column. These categories are City, Country, River, Name, & Animal. There are some additional blank spaces for extra categories to be added to the game. The last column are for the points earned that round.


Before the game begins everyone will decide on how much time to allow for play during the round. I think it all depends on who is playing. For children I would say a minute or so is pretty good while adults could do a round in thirty to forty-five seconds. After the time allotment is decide then the game can begin.

A player will spin the alphabet wheel that is included in the game. When the wheels stops an arrow will point to the letter that will be played. Each player will then go category to category an write the appropriate response for each column. When time stops & the round ends players will count how many points they earned that round & enter it into the last column into the far right.

After ten rounds players will add up the sum of all their points. The player with the most points wins the game of Stadt-Land-Fluss.

Okay, if this seems familiar then you are probably right. This is really close to the game of Scattergories. Scattergories is a family party game that was first published in 1988 by Hasbro. Over the years both Stadt-Land-Fluss & Scattergories have remained popular & reprinted over & over again by different companies with different versions.

Stadt-Land-Fluss can be a challenging, mind-bending, learning tool for fun & for teaching. Even adults can enjoy it by adding in their own categories challenging themselves on what they know.

Remember it can be fun to teach & to learn.

-Christopher Richter

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