It was an exciting weekend for those who love toys & play board games, at  NY Toy Fair 2017. From February 18th-21st the city of New York hosted the 114th annual International Toy Fair.

So as the information comes in I will be writing these articles in parts.

There were a plethora of games on display at this years Toy Fair. Many of the large game publishers were featuring some of their upcoming games.

Gail Force Nine was there featuring two of their largest properties, Firefly & Star Trek.

For the past four years Gale Force Nine has been producing games for Firefly. At the NY Toy Fair this year they displayed their upcoming game of Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats.


Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats is going to be a stand-alone, linked scenario game. I heard that Gale Force Nine will be releasing this sometime at the end of June but more than likely will be debuting it at GenCon 2017.

Now last year Gale Force Nine released Star Trek Ascendancy. In Star Trek Ascendancy players will explore the galaxy as the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, & the Romulan Star Empire. In the base game there is already more than two hundred miniatures & thirty galaxies.

With the Cardassian Union & the Ferengi Alliance expansions on their way to store shelves then what better way to debut a new expansion?  Transporting into the NY Toy Fair was Gale Force Nine’s Borg Assimilation expansion.

The Borg expansion will be a major threat to players. The Borg start out popping up anywhere they can in game causing problems as an AI. As the game progresses one player will become fully assimilated into the Borg Hive give that player complete control of the Borg.

Speaking of Star Trek, Wizkids Games was at the NY Toy Fair letting Star Trek Attack Wing fans know that they are still making & releasing their Attack Wing miniatures. Attack Wing wave 29 will hit retailers in March.


Wizkids was also there showing off their upcoming Dice Masters sets, Batman. Apparently to keep the game fresh they will be introducing a “Flip” mechanic which will allow the players to flip over their cards for better abilities.


Join me next time for some more information on what games were on display at NY Toy Fair 2017.

-Christopher Richter

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