LudiCreations, publishers of And Then We Held Hands, Pocket Imperium, They Who Were 8, & many other wonderful games is currently running a Kickstarter project to reprint a Japanese board game from 2014 called “Long Live the Queen”. Long Live the Queen was originally published by Circle 3D6. LudiCreations is looking to reprint this in not just in one edition but in two editions.

Long Live the Queen is a two player game that may take up to fifteen minutes to play.


In the classic Japanese version of Long Live the Queen players will become the twin princesses White Rose & Black Rose.  These twins seek to reign the throne after their mother, the Queen who has died.

Each twin will have their own faction of supporters that will allow them to gain the prestige that they need to take the throne & rule the kingdom. However each princess & her faction must be weary of the other because it is possible the someone may get eliminated.


The other edition will be a “diesel punk” version of the original. In this edition players will become engrossed in the dystopian nation of Crisis. Crisis is part of the underworld of Axia. The Queen has been assassinated. Two rival gangs now fight to take reign of the Queen’s newly vacant throne.

I have yet to play either version of Long Live the Queen, but from the videos I have watched it looks like this is going to be a pretty fun filler to get in between games. Or if you like playing two player games only then Long Live the Queen will probably be your cup of tea since in plays in about fifteen minutes.

Their Kickstarter can be found here: Long Live the Queen. Each version is completely separate from the other or can be purchased together. Separately each version will run for $19 plus shipping or together for $38 plus shipping. This Kickstarter project ends on March 30th.

Now if you are curious about how the game plays then you can download the rules on the Kickstarter page or you can play Long Live the Queen on Tabletopia or Vassal. I do recommend trying it on Tabletopia.

Long live the Queen & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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