From Vile Genius Games Inc., the publishers of such games as Evil Genius: Deathray & Tales from the Taverns: Legends of Goblins Past, comes Rockets Cats in Space. A fun finger flicking dexterity game of cosmic proportions.

Rocket Cats in Space is a two to four player game, ages twelve to adult, & may take thirty to forty minutes to play.

In Rocket Cats in Space players will become Cat Admirals trying to make connections from one planet to another that is listed on face-up Territory cards. By doing so players will earn points. The first player to ten points wins the game.


But watch out, during the process of flicking players must may run into problems with flying off the board or running into debris fields.

During a player’s turn they will have five seconds to flick their cat ships to the various planets on the board trying to connect two planets to one another. In this amount of time they can flick any number of their ships toward their goal. Some planets may have bonuses that may allow you to earn extra precious seconds to your playing time or to launch debris at the end of your turn.

Now Rocket Cats in Space ends on April 12th, 2017 & can be backed here: Rocket Cats in Space. This Kickstarter project starts out at $24 for the first tier, which is an $11 savings from MSRP of $35. It has four additional tiers with the last one being $107 for a retail package that includes 6 copies of the game & one demo version.

I love a good dexterity game. While I was working for a game store we did have a dexterity game day every few weeks. So this would be right up the alley of those who love a good dexterity game.

Of course the biggest drawback to a dexterity game are the various pieces that could get lost with pieces flying around or that some players always seem to be a little more aggressive trying to get their pieces flicked from one point to the other. All-in-all Rocket Cats in Space seems like it will be a fun game to play with a group of dexterity game lovers.


-Christopher Richter

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