A quick set collection game that will having you saying, “Hail to the King & his Court!” at the end of play.

5ive: King’s Court is a ten to fifteen minute card game for two to four players, up to six with the expansion, & for players six years to adult. Yes! This is a game that kids will have a great time playing with their parents.

In 5ive: King’s Court players will try to assemble their King’s Court by playing cards for their actions & laying them on the field to collect the five they need. But players will have to keep an eye out on their opponents because they could make you discard a Court member.

The first player to assemble their court of five: King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, & Rook will win the game.


The artwork for 5ive: King’s Court is goofy as it cover characters from aliens to zombies. Art is done by James Rozak while the game design is from the minds of Luke Wilkinson & Greg Scratchley.


Right now GameStax is currently running the Kickstarter project here: 5ive: King’s Court. This is a kickstarter from Canada so the currency list in the tiers will be listed as CA. The print and play version is being offered up as $1CA while the first physical game tier is listed at $25CA. At $35CA the game will come with the expansion that allow a fifth & six player to jump into playing.

5ive: King’s Court will be around on Kickstarter until March 31st, 2017 so back it soon!

Get your Court in order to win & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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