Do you have a green thumb, brown thumb, or suffer from the dreaded toxic mutant planting thumb? Well, I guess you could say that in Mutant Crops, from Atheris Games, you have to get down & dirty to tame those protein hungry mutant vegetables roaming through the garden.

Atheris Games, publishers of Cul-De-Sac Conquest & the upcoming Supernatural Socks game, has indeed come up with a very interesting worker placement game. Mutant Crops is a two to four player, for players ages nine to adult, & may take twenty to forty minutes to play.


In this quick worker placement farming game player’s will have the opportunity to rake in the money by planting, watering, & feeding this ravenous mutant plants. Meeples, or farmer meeples when the the farmer meeple reward is unlocked, will mark what the farmer plans to do on their turn. Collecting & feeding steaks to these meat hungry fruits & vegetables will not only keep these planted beasts satisfied but will activate abilities that will further help the farmer.


Right now Mutant Crops can be backed here: Mutant Crops. It’ll run as a Kickstarter project until April 20th. Atheris Games is offering their final art Print in Play for $6 while the full game can be backed for $19. Atheris Games is also offering a special combination tier for $44 which includes Mutant Crops, the PnP for Mutant Crops, & their other game of Cul-De-Sac Conquest. They are even offering up a tier for $149 where you can actually have your likeness on one of the four farmer cards. Last I looked there was only one farmer still available.

Tame those plants or be eaten & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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