It’s my favorite time of year for sports. Whenever I hear that pitchers & catchers are meeting soon in February that just means that spring training for baseball isn’t too far behind.

When it comes down to it I am very biased about sports & have forever been a lover of baseball. I was born during the reign of the Big Red Machine, the best all-around team in baseball history in my opinion (told you I was biased). I will be forever a fan of the Cincinnati Reds.

But with that being said, I love attending baseball games & catching a game on television. I have even been collecting baseball memorabilia & baseball card & board games since I was a child.

I was ecstatic when I heard that Eagle-Gryphon Games would be releasing a unique baseball deck-building game in 2015. Of course I picked a copy up as soon it was released. After it’s release a handful of expansions, eleven player team packs, then two deluxe versions followed & now Eagle-Gryphon Games is offering up a two player introductory version along with three new expansions & two new promos.

For $19, not including shipping, a person can back the Spring Training two player introductory version. Or if you already have the game & want some new expansions then they can back another $19 tier.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the game & want the base game, all ten expansions, all twenty team packs, a seven card promo pack & the new King Yaz promo card, then all you have to do is drop $164. Which is a great deal for an awesome game.

This Kickstarter project by Eagle Games will run through April 4th, just a day after opening day for 26 teams. This project also features several add-ons that you can tack onto whatever tier you are backing. Also please remember that shipping is not included in the cost of the tier that you are backing.

So put me in coach, I’m ready to game on!

-Christopher Richter

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