Have you ever thought what the world would be like if you were the last one left? We have seen in many fictional realities that most of the last people on Earth will go exploring to survive. Some fight monsters driven mad from a disease or some go wild thinking that no one will ever be able to see their crazy antics until they actually find out others are just waiting to be found.

In The Last Garden the world has ended & only one woman is left on Earth. She is known only as “The Queen”. She has decided that before she passes away that she will recreate the beautiful gardens she remembers seeing in her youth.

There is, however, one problem. There is very little moisture left on Earth & she will need help. The Queen, in her travels gathers a number of out-of-commission robots. She reprograms these robots into Robotonists. Thus giving the robots the skill to turn metal & rare gems into the the gardens that she remembers.

The Last Garden is a worker placement game that has some betting & a little bit of take that involved in the game play. Players will become that robotonists that are now going around to try & build that last garden.

The Last Garden was designed by Chris Rowlands & Matt Christianson with beautifully done artwork by a very talented Beth Sobel & graphic design from Justin Treadway. The Last Garden is a two to four player game, for ages thirteen years to adult, & make take around forty-five minutes to play.

At the moment you can back The Last Garden on Kickstarter: The Last Garden. This genius worker placement game will be around on Kickstarter until March 29th, 2017. For only $35 you can back the game & right now there are only a few stretch goals left so a little push would be great for The Last Garden.

I think the story for The Last Garden is brilliant. I could see this game being an animated movie at some point. It would be a very sad but poignant story where the last person on Earth has to face up to the reality that they need to leave something behind as the legacy of the last remnant of humanity.

Hopefully this future is far from happening.

-Christopher Richter

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