I think things be majority of gamers loving building things, be it tree houses, dream homes, or castles. I also know that that same majority has an affinity for 3D games. So what better than building a 3D castle.

In this preview I take a look at Castle Dukes from Medieval Lords. Medieval Lords has published such games as Sweet Spot: The Tennis Card game (I really want to play this), Queen of the Hill, & Little Monsters.

Castles Dukes is a 3D castle building, dexterity game for one to four players, ages twelve to adult, & may take around an hour or so to play. In Castle Dukes players compete to build the best castle. Not only will players actually build the castle up wall by wall but room by room even gaining visitors in the process.


Players will earn coins to purchase pillars & rooms. During later rounds of the game, guests will begin to appear in the castles. But look out a dragon could appear at any time to attack everyone’s castle.

Castle Dukes is currently on Kickstarter until March 31st. You can visit the Kickstarter page here: Castle Dukes. There are videos & a lot of photos. Castle Dukes is funded & has a lot of stretch goals unlocked. So there is going to be a coming with the game. Now this Kickstarter is coming out of Singapore so the currency listed on the tiers are in Singapore dollars.

There are multiple tiers but the starting game tier is at S$85 or around $60 USD which is the “early bird special”. This tier still has a few openings & offers the game plus stretch goals & digital wallpaper.

So the cool thing is that there is a solo player variant. If you are like me & just want to play a game alone, some downtime from group gaming,  then this one might be right up your alley.

-Christopher Richter

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