In 2015 the world of gaming was introduced to the game of Dragoon from Lay Waste Games.  Dragoon took Best Artwork & Best in Show at the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games & many other awards.

Dragoon is a game for two to four players, ages thirteen years to adult, & may take thirty to sixty minutes to play.In the game players are dragons that rule over an island. But humans have invaded. Because of this each dragon must hoard what they can. They do this by either collecting tributes from villages or destroying them just for the gold. Players may also challenge other players to show their dominance. The first player to 50 gold wins the game.


Unfortunately Lay Waste Games sold out of their first printing. But wait….there is definitely more to come.

Now Lay Waste Games has introduced their Dragoon: Rogue & Barbarian expansion to Kickstarter. Now players can choose to play as a tough barbarian who can travel by boat or as a stealthy rogue who travels through tunnels underground.


This expansion allows a great mix of play & also adds a fifth & sixth player. For as little as $30 someone who already owns Dragoon can back this tier for the new expansion or at the $40 tier someone can back the “Gold” edition of the new expansion. Even if you don’t own the game you can back a second edition of the game of Dragoon for only $50. There is still many more tiers just waiting to be backed on the Kickstarter which you can find here: Dragoon: The Rogue & Barbarian expansion.

There are also numerous add-ons like stuffed Dragoon plushies, extra large box, & much much more.

The Kickstarter will end on April 11th.

Get ready to hoard some gold & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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