From the game publisher that has brought the world board games Tanto Cuore, Krosmaster: Arena, & Terra Formars comes a dice game based on the awesome anime of Sword Art Online. Yes, Japanime Games in additional with Kadokawa & Arclight Games will be releasing Sword of Fellows later this years.

Welcome to the virtual world of Sword Art Online set in the world of Aincrad. This very popular VRMMORPG has turned deadly when the game’s creator placed a bug in the games software where if a player dies in this virtual world then they die for real.  The Only way to escape this deadly world is to beat the system & the game.

Sword Art Online: Sword of Fellows is a dice game for one to four players, ages  ten to adult, & may take thirty plus minutes to play.

In game players will choose one of six character cards like dual swordsman Kirito or Beast Tamer Silica. Players will be able to take control of these characters to band together & use their unique talents in battling against the system to escape from Aincrad.

Sword Art Online: Sword of Fellows will feature ten scenarios, eight item cards, a support card, thirty tokens, & fourteen dice.

Japanime Games is running their Kickstarter campaign until April 13th. If you are like me & love the anime of Sword Art Online & you love dice games then I’m sure you will back it. There are two main tiers. The first will allow backers to get a hold of the standard version for $25. Or backers can spend $35 to get a deluxe edition of the game which comes with foil cards & an exclusive game box. There is a video & a bunch of additional photos on the Kickstarter page here: Sword Art Online: Sword of Fellows.


The only gripe I have is that there are no stretch goals like additional characters, items, or scenarios. But backers will be able to add-on additional copies of the game if they wish to.

This is one to watch for.

-Christopher Richter

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