Recently I have done several previews on dexterity games. When I saw that Mayday Games had a dexterity game on Kickstarter I just felt a need to write about it.

Let me introduce Bucket King 3D. Bucket King 3D has been published since 2014 by various publishers from around the world. Now Mayday is republishing Bucket King 3D to publish it in English. This time around Mayday Games is upgrading the cards, the art, & adding some new twists to play.

Bucket King 3D is a game for two to six players, ages eight to adult, & may take around twenty minutes to play.

In Bucket King 3D players will build their own personal pyramid with the colorful buckets they get at the beginning of the game. Each player will receive the same amount of each bucket. Players will then build the pyramid by the strength of colors of cards in their hand.


The first player will play one to three cards of the same color or animal. Then they draw a card. The next player must either try to defend their pyramid by playing one to three cards of the same color/animal with a higher sum. If they can not or decide not to then they must flick or knockout that color from their pyramid. If they lose any additional buckets, they are lost for the rest of the game. The loser of that match up will start the next round of play.

If a player can meet the requirement then play continues on to the next player or until a player can’t defend.

In a two to four player game, once a player loses all of their buckets then the game ends. All remaining players will count how many buckets are left in their pyramid. The player with the most buckets wins.

In a two to six player game players will keep playing until two people are eliminated from the six. Once it is whittled down to four players then once one of the four goes out the game will end.

Bucket King 3D will be available to be backed on Kickstarter until April 20th, 2017. There are videos & photos on the Kickstarter page: Bucket King 3D. The first tier starts out at $23 for the game & any stretch rewards. If you like Mayday games & would like a bundle then for $59 you can back Bucket King 3D at this tier & receive a copy of Click Clack Lumberjack & Garbage Day.

Look forward to Bucket King 3D as being a fun game for the whole family.

-Christopher Richter

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