I’m not going to lie, I love playing games. Games of all types from small five minute games to those long ten hour games. As long as they are fun, hold up, & can keep my interest I will play.

When it comes to playing games I was taught at an early age, five year old, how to play Chess. Chess was my first step towards playing a strategy game. This is probably the game that got me hooked.

Over the years I stepped away from the abstract strategy games & into the much more popular card games of the time. But as I got older I found myself wanting to get back into the abstract. Now I find myself wanting more of the abstract.

This brings me to the game of Clustered from Sculpin Games. I just recently discovered this is easy to learn, pattern recognition, strategy, tile game.  Clustered is for one to four players, ages seven to adult, & will take around thirty minutes to play.

Clustered contains four different colored decks of square cards or tiles. Each card will have a variety of shapes, number of shapes, & designs within the shapes or textures of fillings.

The game starts off with the main card placed in the center of the table. It is black with all the shapes, max number of shapes, & the different variety of textures. Players will draw five cards. Then each player will take turns playing one legal card onto another card.

Legal moves are cards that match two of the three card types, shape, number, or texture. Player will keep doing this until all cards are placed. The object of the game is to build of rows & square areas. The bigger the are or the longer the row, the more points that will be rewarded. However, a player may play their tiles on an opponents run of tiles. This is a defensive strategy that can block a run of tiles, preventing an opponent from scoring points at the end of the game.

Clustered will be running on Kickstarter until April 28th, 2017. IT is a fairly inexpensive game starting off at $5 for the print & play, $12 for a early-bird special, & $15 at regular price. Now at the $20 tier backers will get a physical copy, the print & play, & Sculpin Games will donate a copy to charity. And there is much, much more.

You can go here: Clustered to take a look at the Kickstarter project. There are several videos & a lot of how-to play information.

-Christopher Richter

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