As a child my grandfather taught me two games, War & Chess. He got me hooked right away with these games. And thus I was thrown into the abstract world a battling one kingdom against the other. This continued on through my teen years as I joined the chess club in high school.

I also learned how to play Space Chess. The Chess that everyone plays in Star Trek. A three level board of abstract fun.

Not much has changed over the many years that Chess has been around. Fear not! Because there is now a variant that changes the landscape of the game of Chess.

Colour Chess is a variant that offers a variety of strategies to the regular game of Chess. Colour Chess is now being offered on Kickstarter by DogEared Games. DogEared Games is offering not one but two games in this Kickstarter project.

First in Colour Chess the board will be formed inside of a frame. In this frame players will build an 8×8 Chess board with seventy-two different colored tiles. These colors will change the aspect of what you already know about the game of Chess. No game of Chess will remain the same as the game before.


After the board is assembled then players will set up their armies like a regular Chess game. The first player will move a piece just like normal but beyond that the game changes. The second player will play a piece to a color the first player just moved to, then that second player will make a move to a different color with a different piece.

This pattern follows until someone concedes or a King falls.

The next game offered in this Kickstarter is the game of Lure.

In Lure players will player with shields, swords, & their King. The end game for Lure is based on points & capturing the opponents King.


First of all a player can win by either making it to the other end of the board to score one point for each sword & shield to leave the battlefield, a point for each opponent’s piece capture, or an automatic win if a King is captured or if the King can escape to the opposite side of the board.

Doesn’t sound hard does it? Well there is some deep strategy in Lure. The starting player will call a color & move all piece that can legally move to that color. If a piece moves to a set of the same color tiles that are in a row, that piece can move to the end of the row of the same color tiles.

The second player will move their pieces to that color that was called by their opponent. After they move to that color that player then makes another move to another color that they call out. This will go back & forth until a player scores four points or a King has fallen.

On the Colour Chess + Lure Kickstarter DogEared Games mentions several other variants that can be played.

If you like the game of Chess & would like to change things up then you can view a lot of information here: Colour Chess + Lure. A copy of the game will cost around $19 along with stretch goals & two copies at $36 including all stretch goals. This projects ends on April 14th, 2017.

Colour Chess is great for stimulating the brain of even a child when it comes to teach the game of Chess. Good for teach & for shaking the field of play up.

-Christopher Richter

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