Coming April 4th, 2017 to Kickstarter from everyone’s favorite micro game publisher Button Shy Games is a cool little pocket western called Circle the Wagons. I really wish I could have introduce this game with some classic western high noon type music.

Circle the Wagons is a 2 player game, for ages ten years to adult, & may take around fifteen to twenty minutes to play.

In Circle the Wagons each player will take up the task of building a boomtown in the old west.  In this eighteen card game players will draft cards that are placed in a circle. In the center of that circle three random special scoring cards will be placed.

The first player will take one card from the circle starting off their boomtown. Player two will grab the card adjacent to the card that was just removed. This will start their boomtown. Turn will move back to the first player. They now have a one of two choices to make. They can skip the that next card & pick another card in the circle or they can grab that next card.


Now if the player feels they don’t like the next card in the circle then they can skip it & grab another to continue building onto their town. If they use this ploy then any card that is skipped will be given immediately to the opposing player. This could be a good offensive move that might give you a good card or great defensive move just to clog up the opponents town.

As players draft & play cards the will either place the new card adjacent to another territory in their town or they can actually overlap a territory over another. Overlapping a territory over another can be very sound strategy to build up that territory.


After the last card is drafted in this manner then the game will end. Scoring is like the old west in Circle the Wagons. Scoring is wild, dusty, & could potentially turn into a major gold strike.

First each player will receive one point for each territory in their largest territory type. Territories are consider groups of deserts, forests, mountains, snow, water, & plains. Any territories that are separate from those groups will now receive points.

Next players will receive points for completing those three bonus cards that were placed in the center of the circle at the beginning of the game. There are eighteen different bonuses so each game will probably be different.


The player with the highest amount of points will win the game.

By far this is one of my favorite micro games. Why? That is because there is a ton of strategy in this amazing game. Building a wild west boomtown in Circle the Wagons will probably be the closet that most players will get to an actual shootout.

I feel that this game should be played while wearing a ten gallon hat, spurs, & while chewing on a piece of straw. All that whilst listening to an old-timer playing some saloon music on a dusty old saloon style piano.

Here is some saloon style music from youtube that will get you in the mood for Circle the Wagons. Saloon Piano

As I mentioned before Circle the Wagons will launch on Kickstarter April 4th, 2017. You can back it here: Circle the Wagons. It was designed by Steven Aramini (Yardmaster), Danny Devine (Ghosts Love Candy), & Paul Kluka with amazing art by Beth Sobel (Herbaceous, Lanterns, & The Last Garden)

The first tier of the project will start at $10 for a choice of one of the games being offered in this Kickstarter. Circle the Wagons is the main offering but other games being offered is Mint Julip, a horse racing game from designer Dan Letzring, & That Snow Moon, a space opera inspired card tossing game from designer Dave Chalker.

The next tiers will allow backers to purchase a number of combinations of these games. Heck, for a back can get all three games for $27. What a fantastic deal for these awesome wallet games. Backers will also be able to purchase add-ons of some of the games that Button Shy Games offer in their last Kickstarter project.

Wagons ho & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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