Have you ever wanted to be a cloud? I have never really thought about it myself. Being a cloud is kind of a unique theme.

In Petrichor, which is defined as the pleasant earthy smell after the rain, players will become clouds. As a cloud, players will make it their mission to grow the most plants.

Petrichor is for one to five players, ages fourteen to adult, & may take twenty to eighty minutes to play. It is currently on Kickstarter until May 9th. It is designed by David Chircop & David Terczi. The amazing art is by Daniela Attard.


In becoming a cloud players will move around on a board to rain droplets onto fields. The amount of droplets on a field will influence the harvest of the crop. Each player will be able to manipulate how often a crop is harvest by how much rain will be used to grow the crops. Players must be able to find a good balance of control & influence.

The art is spectacular & game play looks fun. There seems to be a lot of strategy in moving around & keeping control of the various crops. Petrichor also has a solo play for those that like to test a game alone or that just want to play a game by themselves.

There is a fifth player expansion offered in the Kickstarter which can be found here: Petrichor. This Kickstarter project is being jointly published by APE & Mighty Boards.

The first game tier, or Summer Rain, will be for $45. This will get you the game & all stretch goals. At $55 or, Thunderstorm tier, will get you the game, all stretch goals, & the Petrichor: The Flowers expansion.

I’ve never thought of being a cloud in a game. So now I’m thinking, “why not?”

-Christopher Richter

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