I love word games. Been playing them since I was a very young child. Word games help to keep the mind sharp & really helps those who need help with their spelling skills. Games like Boggle & Scrabble were always on top of my list of word games to play. But over the past few years games like Paperback & Unspeakable Words really hit that sweet spot when I want to play a great spelling game.

There are, however, games that have always slipped through my fingers. One of these very games is Razzle from Parker Brothers. Razzle is a two player game, for ages eight years to adult, & only takes ten minutes to play. It was also published in 1981.

At the start of the game a player will place the six wooden dice into the plastic dice carriage. Then players will place their fingers on the edge of the dice carriage, first a player will move it one row passed the timer towards their opponent & the second player will do the same with the dice carriage ending up back into the center of the board.

The dice will move about as the carriage moves due to pointed bumps in each row. This will send the dice tumbling around in the carriage. Players will look at the dice & spell any four letter word.

The first player to spell a word announces the word & spells it out loud. That player will push the dice carriage toward their opponent one row. Then play will start the same as before until one person is able to push the carriage up against the opposing wall. This will score one point.


Players can also challenge each other to spell a word. This will occur when one player can’t spell a word but quickly calls about a challenge. The winner of the challenge will move the carriage one row closer to their opponent.

The first player to ten points will win the game.

This Parker Brothers game is called Razzle but I think it is missing some dazzle. In a way it reminds my of a two player back & forth game of Boggle. It isn’t a bad game at all because it plays so quickly. A great retro filler for those who love word games. I do like the moving or the dice do to pushing the dice carriage over the bumps in each row.

It was definitely worth the $1.18 I spent at Goodwill to pick it up. If you can find a copy I recommend getting it.

-Christopher Richter

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