Step right up! Yes, you! Step right up & see the most amazing, the most wonderful, by far the greatest attractions you will ever see! Come on in & become part of the most fantastic carnival in the gaming world.

From Overworld Games comes Barker’s Row. A game of fun, freaks, & fantastical attractions for the rubes…I mean guests to come see.

Barker’s Row is a game for two to four players, ages twelve years to adult, & may take twenty-five to forty-five minutes to play.

In Barker’s Row each player will take on the role of a carnival barker trying to fill the seats at their carnival. Players will play Barker cards to describe to the rubes how great their attractions are.


Each player will then play their attraction to their carnival. The attraction will give the player a special ability to use later on. This in turn will help the player to move up on the Strongman Tower. Moving up on the Strongman Tower makes it harder to play future attractions

Hopefully the rubes will flock to their carnival because the first barker to fill all of their seats wins the game.

Barker’s Row is pretty interesting for so many different things. First it has custom meeples for their rubes. Second, the game includes a 3-D chipboard grandstands that each player will use. And lastly, Barker’s Row is a very unique theme.

Currently Overworld Games has Barker’s Row on Kickstarter. You can back the game here: Barker’s Row. Barker’s Row will be up on Kickstarter until May 26th, 2017.

For $29 you can back the game with a promo pack & any additional stretch goals. Now for $39 you can back Barker’s Row & receive the game, promo pack, Midway Mat, fifty custom barker sleeves, & fifty custom attraction sleeves along with any additional stretch goals that are unlocked.

Get those rubes in those seats & game on!

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

Facebook: Board Gaming For the Win