How many of you out there love a good tower defense game? I know I have played many both in digital & physical formats. Many of these tower defense games provide enough fun to keep each game played fresh. With each new tower defense game it seems like the genre evolves.

This brings me to a new Kickstarter project from Sweet Lemon Publishing in Germany. Sweet Lemon Publishing currently has a tower defense game (at the time of writing has already been funded) they are looking to get onto the market.

Fantasy Defense is for one to two players, either solo or cooperative, for players ages ten years to adult, & may take up to twenty minutes to play. So it is a relatively quick game to play. It was designed by Yoshiyuki Arai with art done by Yann Tisseron.

In Fantasy Defense the player will setup their Gate cards in a horizontal row in front of them. Then they will pick either the Human or Elf deck for their defenders. Then they will shuffle the Invasion deck.

Once the Invasion deck is shuffled, the player will draw three enemies & play them according to their rules. Some enemies have special rules they will need to be resolved immediately.

Next the player will play defenders to their appropriate Gates. Some defenders will have special abilities. Players will also be able to play spells to use in defending their Gates.

This now leads the player into combat. Each Gate will be resolved one at a time. And during each battle there will always be at least one casualty.

After the smokes clears & the battle is over the player will draw cards from their defense deck for the next round of battle.

This will continue until either the player runs out of morale or all enemies have been defeated.

Now this may sound easy to you. But the very last invader happens to be a dragon. Mind you, dragons in this game are immune to spells & abilities. Ah, not so easy now. This is probably what makes Fantasy Defense fresh.

Like I stated above Sweet Lemon Publishing has this as a Kickstarter project which you can take a look at here: Fantasy Defense. So for 17 Euro, which is around $18USD, you can back the full retail version.

For about $26 you can back the Limited Edition Kickstarter only version. This edition will include all stretch goals & all backer created content. As of right now there are three stretch rewards already unlocked. These rewards include more enemies, more defenders, & spells. The backer created content is based on how many people are following them on social media. They are really close to unlocking the content for this, which are special events for the Fantasy Defense.

For about $47 you can back the Kickstarter Deluxe version which includes a playmat, your name in the rulebook, & card sleeves.

You should take a look at their Kickstarter page. There are a lot of pictures & a bunch of videos to watch. If you are into solo gaming or love a good cooperative game then this is one you will definitely have to back.

Guard those towers & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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