I love those twisted horror movies where the lone hero must battle against the hidden evil that seeks out to kill all things. But in the game ALONE one hero must battle against a multitude of evil masterminds.

Let me introduce to you from Horrible Games, ALONE. ALONE is a two to four player game, for ages thirteen years to adult, & it may take an hour to two hours to play.  ALONE is designed by Andrea Crespi & Lorenzo Silva who are both known for designing Potion Explosion. With art done by Steven Hamilton & Paolo Lamanna.

In the game of ALONE a single player will play as a stranded engineer that is stranded on an unknown planet. That player will need to stay alive to save the lost crew mates located somewhere on the planet. All other players in ALONE will become the evil that waits to strike in the darkness.

The lone player can only see as far as their light can shine which makes surviving a daunting task. As the player makes a move the evil masterminds will react by making dastardly choices of their own.

There are a multitude of scenarios to play out in ALONE. They can be part of a story or they can be played as single adventures.

ALONE is currently running on Kickstarter by Horrible Games. It can be backed here: ALONE. It will be available until May 25th, 2017.

Now ALONE isn’t a cheap board game as it’ll cost around $82 USD for the first game tier. But it’ll include the Kickstarter edition, the Assassin Suit Hero miniature with card, & any stretch goal that happens to be open. The next & last tier will cost around $381 USD and will include everything I mentioned before along with a 3D resign map of the game.

ALONE is what the movie Hellraiser would be like if it were a board game. I love the how at every turn the hero is in complete peril. I think that is what makes ALONE a very excitable game. And the 3D resign map is fantastic looking if you ware willing to spend the money to get it.

There are a lot of photos & videos of game play on the Kickstarter page.

As I write this preview ALONE is just short of being funded.

Be wary of what lurks in the dark & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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