Keyser Games has an offer that you can not refuse. Well, I guess you could but you may end up with a horse head next to you in your bed. That offer is in the form of a great three to five player, mobbed up board game called GAMBONI.

In GAMBONI each player will choose one of six families to control. Each family will have their own special abilities which will be needed in the war that is brewing from the death of the “Boss of all Bosses” Salvatore “Big Sal” Masserano twenty years earlier.

GAMBONI can be played in forty-five minutes to an three hours depending on if you want to have a normal game or an all out mob war.


Now GAMBONI is a European game so that costs of each tier is in euros. Like most companies on Kickstarter, Keyser is offering a minimum tier of  ‎€1 or $1.08. They call this the Associate tier. In this tier they are offering updates, the print & play, & name in a rulebook. This is actually pretty good if you really want to print out & cut up game pieces.

In the next tier, GAMBONI Tier, for $38 you will get the full game, print & play, name in the rulebook as a founder, & all unlocked stretch goals.

From there the prices of the tiers will range from $195 to $488. Each with something special added in just for those backing these tiers.

GAMBONI will be on Kickstarter until May 25th, 2017. You can visit the GAMBONI Kickstarter page to see all kinds of photos & some videos.

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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