For many years the gaming industry has been invaded by games about zombies. Some have been extremely fun while others have been so bad that players just want to take the game & bury it only for it to come back.

I’ve played the good & I’ve played the bad. And one game I have been following as of late from game publisher Lucky Duck Games is Zombie Tsunami The Board Game. This is an physical implementation of the mobile game of Zombie Tsunami from Mobigame.

Zombie Tsunami is a game for three to six players, ages ten years to adult, & may take twenty-five to forty-five minutes to play. It is currently on Kickstarter & will be on Kickstarter until June 1st, 2017.

In Zombie Tsunami, at setup, each player will receive three voting tokens, the Shop deck will get shuffled, & the Street deck will get created.

At the beginning of each round, each player will add two zombie cubes to their horde of zombies. Each player will receive a Secret Bonus card. One player will be put in charge of the Street deck & will reveal cards one at a time. But before the next card is revealed the one just recently revealed must be resolved.

As cards are revealed & resolved players will come across zombie, coins, & a star symbol. After each card is resolved players will either receive a coin or zombie cube depending on what symbol is located between card spaces. When they get to that symbol on the game board players will participate in shopping.

At the end of the round each human token turns into a zombie & each Secret Bonus card is returned.

Cards that are revealed during the game may force players to roll their zombie cubes. If a zombie cube is rolled & lands face up, then that zombie dies. Some cards may face players to vote & bluff their way into an alliance. The losing alliances will lose two  zombies while the winning team loses none.

When shopping players will be able to purchase a limited number of cards depending on how many coins they own. These cards will allow players to come up with some tactics to destroy their opponents zombies or even gain humans during the game.

At the end of the third round players will change their humans to zombies. Then they will count the zombies they have in their horde. Whoever has the most zombies at the end of the game will be the winner. Now if there is a tie, at anytime during the game, those players will flip a brain token. The winner of that flip wins.

This is a pretty cool game. I have to admit I was tired of zombie games but this one is a lot of fun. Just like the mobile game players will start from the left of the board & continue to play to the right of the board. If you aren’t really sure about the board game then I recommend downloading the free game app & play it.

You can visit the Kickstarter here: Zombie Tsunami. On the Kickstarter page there are a ton of photos & videos.

The base game itself can be backed for $29 which is a bargain for a board game. With the base set you will receive the game, all stretch goals, & 100 Diamonds which is for the video game.

For $39 you can back Zombie Tsunami & receive the Zombird expansion. Also in this tier you will receive a seventh player expansion, all stretch goals that are unlocked, & the 100 Diamonds for the video game.

-Christopher Richter

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