The land has become dry. This has caused the Old King to worry. What will the Old King do? Summon his beardy shaman wizards of course. These shaman will have to create storms to quench the thirst of the dried land.

Konja is a two player game from Pleasant Company Games, publishers of Ancient Terrible Things. Konja is for gamers ages ten years to adult & make take thirty minutes to an hour to play.

In Konja players will take on the role of the beardy shaman wizards.


Each turn in Konja will consist of three phases: Ancestors, Bones, & Collection.

In the Ancestors phase the active wizard will place an Idol marker on one of the available Ancestor cards. The Ancestor will give that active player a special favour for that turn. Each player will then receive a blessing from that Ancestor.

During the Bones phase the active wizard will roll five green dice & two white action dice. They will then be able to use relic & spell cards to create dice combinations. These combinations will create single high numbers, pairs, three or more of a kind, & sequential numbers. These combinations will be spent during the collection phase.

In the last phase, the Collection phase, the active wizard will use the dice combinations to collect resource & cloud tokens. Cloud tokens players collect will be worth three, five, or seven points. Other tokens collected this way such as Power, Magick, & Gold tokens can be used for such things as increased relic powers, summoning clouds, or even casting spell cards from hand.

The first player to twenty-one points will win the game.

Not a bad game for the low price of only $26 plus tax. Now for $26 you will receive a copy of the game & any stretch goals that have been unlocked. For an additions $1 ($27) you will back the game & will be able to pick it up at Spiel 2017 in Essen, Germany.

For $50 you will be able to back the project & receive two copies of Konja plu all unlocked stretch goals. For $55 a person can back Konja for a copy of the game, all unlocked stretch goals, & a signed Relic card from artist Rob van Zyl. There are several additional tiers to back.

Konja is currently on Kickstarter & will end on May 25th, 2017. You can back the project here: Konja.  On the Kickstarter page you will find additional photos, information, & videos.

Konja is a pretty simple resource collection game with a lot of press-your-luck involved. It’s easy enough to play with children as young as ten years of age & simple enough to breeze through in less than thirty minutes once you know how to play the game.

Summon the rain & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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