I have played a plethora of game types & genres over the years. One game type that I rarely get to play are war games. I do like a good war game. The one thing that keeps me going back to a good war game, when I can sit & play, are the ones that are card driven.

I think I like the idea of having a card helping me out with the game strategy. Or is it that a card being revealed can hamper my opponent? There is just something intriguing about revealing a card that can change things.

That brings me to a new game coming to Kickstarter on May 26th, 2017 called Starship Awesome 3000. Starship Awesome 3000 is a strategic, card driven, space simulator for four players & may take forty-five to ninety minutes to play.

Each player will receive their own player board, starship, one asteroid marker, 2d4, 2d6, & a d12. Each of the player boards will have six spaces to place action cards. And each player board will feature a quick rules sheet that has each of the phases in a round.


At the beginning of the game each player will place their ship on the edge of the of the side of the board they are closest. Then each player will place their asteroid token on the board, at least two spaces from any other object. Players will also receive four cards from the card deck to place face-down in the last four card slots in their Weapons Array on their player board.

Each round of the game will consist of two phases.

In Phase One all players will assign each set of Reactor Dice to one of the three Power System spaces on their player board. The Reactor Dice are High Power (D12), Medium Power (2D6), & Low Power (2D4). All players will then roll whatever dice they placed on their engine slot. Players will do this each round.

After setting dice & the speed of the engines, players will go into Phase Two. In Phase Two, players will pilot their starships & attack if they can. Phase Two consists of four mini phases.

Starting with the first player, that player will move their ship a number of spaces equal to the number rolled on the engine dice. Moving in a straight line will burn up one movement point, but to make a rotation in a hex will burn up one additional movement point.

As players move closer to each other they will end up attacking each other. In order to attack, the attacking player will roll their Weapon System dice.

The number on the Weapon System dice will correlate with a number over one of the card spaces on their player board. If the card is face-up that player may activate the abilities of that card. Some of the weapons can be chained together for some fun attack combinations.

The value rolled on the Weapon System dice will also be used as the attack value. If another starship is within range & in line of sight then the attack will be initiated. If the targeted ship has charged shields then the target player will roll their Shield dice. If the roll ends up higher than the attack value, the attack fails. However, if the ship fails the shield roll or that targeted ship has no shields then the attack succeeds.

When an attack succeeds, the targeted player will discard the left-most card in their Weapons Array.


The next thing a player will do is configure their weapons for the next round. Players may do one of three things; chain a weapon card, move a weapons card, or replace a weapons card.

Lastly a player will charge a weapon & their shields. To charge a weapon, a player will flip the left-most card, that is face-down, face-up. Then to charge shields, if the shields are uncharged, that player will roll their shield dice. If the roll is a seven or higher then the shields are recharged.

This will continue until one player ends up discarding all of their cards from their Weapons Array. The first player to cause another to lose all of their cards will be the winner of the game.

There will also be more advance rules. In the advance rules players will be able to go after drones that can be placed on the board.


All-in-all Starship Awesome 3000 is a fun strategic game. I enjoyed being able to move & hide around asteroids. Making sure to have shields charged is key. Luck of the dice is also a big key or knowing what set of Reactor Dice to place in the Power Systems each round. Also knowing when to discard a card from the Weapons Array for a new & hopefully better card can help in winning.

Be on the lookout for Starship Awesome 3000 & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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