A few years ago I started getting into Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, also know as MOBAs. Can’t say that I enjoyed one over the other, but they have a great sense of challenge & fun involved in how each is played.

Although video games may be great for continuous play, wonderful graphics, & great action, I just feel that those games just don’t have the same feel as an actual physical game.

From publisher Reggie Games comes a MOBA based card game called ELO Darkness. ELO Darkness is for two to four players, ages thirteen to adult, & may take forty-five to seventy-five minutes to play.

ELO base

In ELO Darkness players will proceed to battle each other in a classic three lane MOBA style battlefield. The creators of ELO Darkness want people to focus on some unique features of the game. For example there is a roaming mechanic that links hand management with the three lanes on the board.

Another feature to look at are the Heroes of the game. The Heroes have a variety of abilities. Some can be used to farm gold, gain more influence on one of the lanes, or even to draw more cards.


Another unique point of the game is that as the towers are destroyed in each of the lanes, it is easy for teams to get back into the game. Definitely reminds me of some of the MOBAs out there.

The art is simply amazing. Beautiful illustrations depicting magical artifacts, battles, & the many heroes that players will use.


So what will the game cost you? Actually not as much as you think. It is being published in Italy so cost are done by Euro but they do give the dollar equivalent.

So the game itself with run about $42 plus shipping. At the price you will receive the game & any unlocked stretch goal.

For backing at the Gold level for $54 plus shipping backers will receive the base game of ELO Darkness along with unlocked stretch goals, & the MonsterKill expansion.

The MonsterKill expansion will introduce five additional Heroes. This will also introduce new action cards, new boss cards, events, & items.

At the Platinum level, $69 plus shipping, backers will receive the base game, the MonsterKill expansion, all unlocked stretch goals, plus will receive several Kickstarter exclusives.

These exclusives include, Tower & Minion miniatures, a promo skin pack, & an ELO Darkness Lore & Artbook. For the price, the Platinum tier is the best to back.

And for the low, low price of $329 plus shipping a backer can work alongside Reggie Games to create their own Hero or action card. Plus the backer will also receive everything in the Platinum level.

You can visit the ELO Darkness Kickstarter here: ELO Darkness. There are a ton of pictures & a handful of videos of how to play.  There is still plenty time to back ELO Darkness as the Kickstarter will end on June 13th, 2017.

Cast spells, farm gold, destroys those towers, & game on!


Unfortunately Reggie Games has cancelled the ELO Darkness Kickstarter until September. Here is the updated Kickstarter page: ELO Darkness Update.

-Christopher Richter

Twitter: @Boardgaming_FTW

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