Let’s talk about being stinky. I know that this can be one of those taboo subjects that people really don’t like to talk about.

As a guy who has been to a plethora of conventions, being it gaming, anime, or comic book related, I like to keep clean. I like to be clean from head to toe & smelling good while I’m around people. I have many stories I could tell from the past twenty-five years of attending conventions.

In the case of the game of Smelly Seth, well, you have to try to keep clean while others try to knock you out of the game with smells. Because no one wants to play with a stinky person.

Smelly Seth is from Glass Shoe Games out of Toledo, Ohio. Smelly Seth is for two to four players, may take ten to thirty minutes to play, & is fun for the entire family.

Smelly Seth is very simple card game to play.

Each player will receive three cards at the beginning of the game. Each player on their turn will then draw a card & play a card. Each turn a player will attempt to either make their opponents stinkier or they will attempt to make themselves cleaner.

Cards such as “Roommate’s Pizza Boxes Cover You” & “Moldy Bagel in Morning Coffee” will make players stinky. The stinkier the player, the closer they are to being knocked out of the game. When a player receives eleven or more smell points then they are out.


But the stink can be countered with clean cards like “Your Cat Gave You a Nice Bath”. This clean card will get rid of that stinky bagel card.


Action cards are an essential part of playing Smelly Seth. Action cards will help dictate the pace & will change the strategy of the how cards are played.


At the moment you can back the Kickstarter here: Smelly Seth.  Smelly Seth will be up on Kickstarter until July 1st, 2017.

At the moment Glass Shoe Games is offering Smelly Seth for $14 with no shipping if you are willing to pick it up locally in Toledo, Ohio. They are also offering the game for $14 plus shipping anywhere in the USA.

For those who reside in Canada will be able to back Smelly Seth for $22. While those of the larger international community will have to back Smelly Seth for $65. This will, however, get those international backers three games of Smell Seth. I really think this is a great way to spread the stink throughout the world.

Smelly Seth would be fine as a quick filler game for those who are into messing around with a game that is silly & quick. There is some strategy to playing Smelly Seth like who to knock out first if they have the most smell points or should you play a clean card just to get rid of a low point smell card.

I always like goofy art when it comes to games like Smelly Seth. It shows how silly the game can be. As a bonus Smelly Seth can be played with the whole family as it does uses basic addition & subtraction to play. Each player will be knocked out when the reach at least eleven smell points so the last player standing is the cleanest player standing.

Get ready to stay clean & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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