Welcome to the world of Perim. In this world there lives four races: The Avis who rule the clouds, the Treefolk of the forests, the StoneDwellers who dwell within the mountains, & the Mariners who rule the seas. Over time each of these races have developed special abilities that allow them to protect & rule their own realms.

Radiant, from Tin Shoe Games, is for two to four players, ages fourteen years to adult, & may to thirty minutes to play.

In the game of Radiant, each player will draft their army of warriors. As player’s draft their armies they will gain points for conquering regions, capturing opposing units, & controlling majorities.


Radiant is played in three Ages. In the three Ages, each player will play through three different phases. In these phases players will recruit their forces by drafting cards from the table, melding sets of cards together to collect points, & going to war.



Players will continue to do these same phases in Ages two & three. After the third Age the player with the most points wins the game. If there was a tie, the player who won the final battle wins.

At the moment Radiant is on Kickstarter until July 7th, 2017. There are several videos & a slew of photos on the Kickstarter page which you can visit here: Radiant.

For just $29 backers will get the full game. This includes free shipping within the USA. That is a great deal.

With a pledge of $35 backers will be able to get a deluxe copy of Radiant. Those who back the deluxe copy of Radiant will receive upgraded parts, a special Dragon promo, & all unlocked stretch goals. Free shipping is also included for those who order the game & live in the USA.

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