Before I start in on the preview I want to talk a little about American & my family history.

To start, Prohibition was a really dark time in the history of our nation. It lasted thirteen years, 1920-1933. In those thirteen years like current course of the United States changed causing a ripple effect that we still feel today. Money was to be made in the shadows, disdain for the law, & corruption.

Prohibition would go on to affect tens of thousands of families. Especially both sides of mine. In the small town that I am from my Great, Great Grandfather Joseph F. Mick was a charter member of the Monkey Mutual Aid Society. From what I understand about Joseph was that he used to make bathtub gin in one house, use an underground tunnel, & deliver it to the house next door that was a speakeasy.

Now that was my father’s side of the family. On my mother’s side her uncle John Terrell Smith used to run moonshine in the hills of Kentucky using his Mustang.

So now that the history lesson is over I’ll start on my preview.

Moonshine Run is a card game based on running shine. Players will become Moonshine Runners that will need to pick up moonshine that is stashed away. Players will have to be wary of police & their opponents trying to stop them from delivering the goods.

At the start of the game each player will receive a car card & ten moonshine dollars. On each turn a player will take a card & place it in front of them facedown. Then they have an option to purchase more cards for one moonshine dollar each. Once a player has all the cards they need they will then start flipping the cards over one at a time. The player may look at the card first to determine if it is an item, action card, or moonshine card.

moonshine run 1

If a player receives an item card, they will place it into their hand keeping it secret. If the player reveals a moonshine card they are to keep it out, & if it is an action card, that player will have to resolve it before they continue.

Players can end their turn at any time. Sometimes other cards will end a player’s turn. At the end of the round each player will sell the moonshine cards that remain in front of them.

Moonshine Run is played in a total of six rounds. At the end of the game, the player will the most moonshine dollars wins the game.

This is a fairly simple press your luck card game from Games from A Madman or Two. Moonshine Run is for two to four players, ages twelve to adult, & may take thirty or so minutes to play.

Currently it is running as a Kickstarter project. There are several videos, lots of pictures, & a link to play Moonshine Run on Tabletopia here: Moonshine Run.

Moonshine Run starts out at $6 for the print and play while the next tier up for a full physical copy will run a backer $15. For a total of $25 Game from A Madman or Two is also offering the backer a copy of Moonshine Run & a copy of Midnight Zombie Marathon. Other tiers offer multiple copies of both games.

Get ready to run some shine & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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