The world is in the mists of a great war. Bombs are raining down from above & many have escaped underground. There are no lights, in the darkness the critters, hiding underground, have no idea when it will be safe to go above ground. Will the critters be able to work together or will they fight over what is left of the very limited resources.

Critters Below is a card game from Antler Games, know for their game Saltlands. It is for one to six players, ages fourteen years to adult, & may take thirty to sixty minutes to play.

In Critters Below players will take the role of one of six Critters. During a player’s turn, a player will be able to take one to three actions, they must take at least one action. These actions consist of executing an effect of a card in the player’s pocket or on the shelf, using a Facility card, or using their character’s ability.

The effects that are executed on cards will dictate most of the game. Some effects may be good & some will be bad.

At the end of a player’s turn they must keep up to two Item cards in their pocket. The player must choose another player to flip over one of their condition cards. The condition cards will dictate that player’s health. If that player has more than ten condition cards then they must discard down to ten.

When a player receives the third type of a deadly condition then they will be eliminated from the game. Their condition cards are removed from play. Any of their item cards, along with their wearable items, are shuffled back into the Storage deck.

At the end of each round each player will vote on rather or not to leave the bunker. If one player votes to leave the bunker then a number of event cards are flipped over & the effects on those cards are to be resolved.

Any players that are left after three condition cards show no penalties the game will end with them being the winners.

Currently Critters Below is on Kickstarter. There are plenty of photos & videos to be viewed on the Kickstarter page: Critters Below. Critters below will run on Kickstarter until July 5th.

-Christopher Richter

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