Dice! Dice! Dice!

Yes, I need more dice! Who doesn’t, right?

Well, if you are like me & love dice then this Kickstarter project is just what you need.

I love collecting all sorts of dice from d2 to a big d100. Dice are known for coming in all different shapes & sizes. And these Ultimate Dice are perfect, not for playing, but for displaying.

The Ultimate D20 comes in two different shapes. One is a mini for $99 & the big D20 will cost $249. Now you may think that this is expensive. It may be. These dice however are made of solid aluminum.

The mini is 76mm in size. It can be finished in anodized red, black, or blue color. It weighs 650 grams (1.4 lbs.). And it can also be made to be a standard d20 or it can be made into a countdown die.

The larger of the two dice will measure in at 116mm. It can also be finished in anodized red, black, or blue color. It weighs a bit more, coming in at 2190 grams (4.8 lbs.). And it can come in either the standard d20 numbering or the countdown numbering.

The stretch goals for different colors have been unlocked. These colors will be silver, purple, & green. All these are very lovely colors as they are anodized.

Now this Kickstarter project is offered by Precision Gaming Solutions & will only be around until July 11th, 2017. These dice, no matter the size are great for the coffee table, as bookends, or just sitting on a game shelf looking all shiny & pretty.

You can visit the Kickstarter page here: Tablebreaker: Ultimate D20. On the Kickstarter page you will find some great photos & a few videos. Love the .gif of the larger die breaking a glass table.