I have recently come back from one of, in my opinion, the best gaming conventions I have ever been to. I played & purchased a bunch of games & was able to talk to a whole bunch of people.

I think I felt like Dice Tower Con was the place to be. People had post Kickstarter & pre Kickstarter projects. I believe that is one of the best things about this community. Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can design a fantastic game.

After a few days of rest after the convention I jumped right back into the swing of things here at Board Gaming For the Win. As I was searching new games on Kickstarter I ran into an interesting game being published by Gamephilia.

From designer Yukinori Ohashi comes Night Clan.

Night Clan is a game for two to four players, ages fourteen years to adult, & may take fifteen minutes to play.

Night Clan has a pretty unique story. In the city of Bergen there was a Duke with seven daughters. A masked man appears before the Duke. The masked man gives the Duke a warning. He told the Duke that that night, when the sun set, a Troll would come to Bergen and carry off his daughters and his wealth.

Night Clan is a game of area control with a bit of deception added in.

Each player will receive the same identical deck of thirteen cards.

The game will start out with a number of locations based on how many people are involved in the game. In a two player game there will be four locations, three player will see six locations, & four players will have all eight. Each location will have a number in the top right hand corner. This is the maximum amount of main cards that can be placed onto that location during the game.

Players will each draw three cards from their thirteen card deck. If a player draws two Night Watch cards then they can show the cards to their opponents, shuffle them back into their deck, & draw two more.

On a player’s turn they will place two of their three cards onto either a single location or two separate locations. Some cards will be placed face-up where some will be placed face-down. The placement of cards onto a location can not exceed the number on the location card.


At the end of each player’s turn they will draw another two cards. Players will continue to play & draw until all cards from each deck is played.

Starting with the lowest capacity location, each card on that location face-down should be turned face-up. The player with the most cards on a location will receive that card. If there is a tie, no one receives the location.

Certain cards, Trolls & Mistletoes, must be resolved first. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins. If there is a tie, the player with the largest capacity location wins.

This is a fast & simple game with beautiful artwork done by artist Asahiro.

This project has already been funded. But there are still several stretch goals to unlock. The game is only $10. Can’t beat that for a quality game.

There is a ton of art, videos, & other information on the Kickstarter website: Night Clan.

-Christopher Richter

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