Back in the mid 1990s I wanted to get into playing Warhammer. I could never really afford it so I jumped into the RPG scene. Fast forward twenty years later where I could afford getting into a miniatures game. Still Warhammer & other miniatures of the like were still expensive & just a bit daunting.

I did dabble a bit in Wizkids’ Heroclix but I could never find anyone to play so I just collected the miniatures.

I finally jumped onto Star Trek Attack Wing. This has been the one miniatures game I have found to be very enjoyable & pretty inexpensive. I really enjoy the store tournaments that Wizkids shows support for.

Over the past year newer ship models have been slow to come out. It is to be expected when there was three to four new ships a month. This caused several different problems ranging from problems with the meta game to problems with the rulebook.

Early this year Wizkids did announce that their support would continue since the community has been calling for a newer more updated version of the rules. Wizkids has been listening & this fall they will be releasing a revamp of the game.

This will include a new starter set that will include four ships. This differs from the original which had three ships, one Federation, one Klingon, & one Romulan ship. This new starter, which is aptly named Federation versus Klingon, will come out sometime in October. And it will run for around $45 MSRP.

The starter will come with everything two people need to jump into an introductory game. On top of releasing a new starter, Wizkids will also start releasing faction or ship packs in August.

This all is good news for those that have been playing the game for awhile & hopefully this will end up bringing more people into the game. It’ll be good to see some much needed updated rules.

Live long & prosper & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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