Sometime back in 1981 I had my first arcade experience. It was at Godfather’s in Fairfield, Ohio. The game? Well, if you guessed correctly then you probably said Pac-Man.  I know I may have only been three years old, but I was hooked.

It just so happens that in the following few years Midway Games would license the Pac-Man IP, along with several other game IPs, to Milton Bradley. Milton Bradley took those video games & turned them into tabletop games.

Several years ago I had the chance to pick up the Pac-Man Card Game released back in 1982. Along with the card game, Milton Bradley would release Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, & Pac-Man Magnetic Maze.

A week before I headed to Dice Tower Con I posted a poll on my Twitter account, Boardgaming_FTW. That poll asked what my next retro gaming review should be. Low & behold the gamers asked for Pac-Man Card Game.

The Pac-Man card game could be considered both as a trick-taking & hand management style game. It can be played by two to four players by ages eight to adult.

At the start of a game each player will receive a playmat & three cards. The cards are made up of picture cards, featuring characters from Pac-Man & mathematical symbols, while the other cards are numbered.




On a player’s turn they will play a card to their playmat or to an opponent’s playmat & draw a card. Players will always have three cards in hand.


After three corresponding spots are filled, two number spots & a picture spot, that player will score a sum of points equal to what they have earned after solving the equation of that line of cards. Player’s will continue to do this until one person scores 100 points, 50 for a shorter game.


Player’s could try to stop their opponents by playing subtraction cards or zero point cards to their playmat.

Obviously this isn’t a terribly hard game to play. It is actually pretty educational if you think about it. It teaches how to add, subtract, & do multiples. It makes the players think of what their next move will be because if I see my opponent with a card of value ten & a multiplication picture card I know that their next move might be a five or ten. I, for one, would place a zero or maybe a one value just to get rid of those that row.

Pac-Man Card Game is a fun & interesting game to play. A wonderful collectible of course. It is simple, fun, & can be enjoyed by almost all ages. I know children that are much younger that could play.

If you do find a copy that is in good condition then pick it up.

No quarters needed while playing this form of Pac-Man. Game on!

-Christopher Richter

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