Coming this September to Kickstarter from game designers Ellie Black, Liz Roche, & Adi Slepack is a wildly, fun, improv game called Someone Has Died.

Someone Has Died is a game for three to six players, ages 11 years to adult, & may take forty-five minutes to an hour to play. Children may have difficulty playing Someone Has Died, but if they are fantastic storytellers then this should be a lot of fun for them to use that ever growing imagination.

In Someone Has Died, players will be vying to receive all or some of the possessions of the deceased. One player will become the Estate Keeper, while all the other players will have some sort of a relationship to the deceased.

There are four type of cards that will be played during the game: Identity, Relationship, Objection, & Backstory.

At the beginning of the game the Estate Keeper will draw an Identity card. This will be the identity of the deceased. Then the Estate Keeper will come make up what the deceased is giving away in their Last Will & Testament.

Each of the other players will receive one Identity card, one Relationship card, & two Backstory cards. This cards will become the story for who that player is, what their relationship with the deceased was, & the memories that have brought the two together.

Once everyone has their cards then the game will begin.

In the first of four rounds players will get a chance to introduce themselves while telling their story to the Estate Keeper. Players may receive objection cards from the Estate Keeper for saying something smart or witty. The Objection cards can be played only within the first thirty seconds of another player’s turn & only one can be played on one player at a time.

The second or “interrogation” round, players will have to answer a direct question from the Estate Keeper. That player will incorporate a new Backstory card into the answer of the question.

The “recess” round will allow all players to talk among themselves. Players will be allowed to ask one question to another player like in the previous round but without drawing a new backstory. Players may pass on asking a question to speed things up.

The last round will be the “final statements” round. Players will now be allowed to make one final last statement by incorporating another backstory card. This will be the final pitch to the Estate Keeper because you never know what treasures might be on the line.

This is a fairly simple party game to play. Players just have to know how to tell a good story. I have done improv & played story games for several years now & Someone Has Died felt like it was right up my alley. Plus being a writer helps with the BS that I can make up while playing.

Someone Has Died can be backed here: Someone Has Died on Kickstarter. It’ll be a project on Kickstarter until October 12th, 2017.

Get ready to unleash your imagination & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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