In the years that I have been reviewing games I have gotten to know many amazing people. Some of these people are pure gamers, others are designers, publishers, & artists. Everyone in the board gaming industry strives for one thing, to make & publish a game that all will love & enjoy.

I recently received a very interesting press your luck style game called Fire in the Library designed by the Bearded Rogue himself, Tony Miller & John Prather. With art done by two awesome artists, Katie Khau & Beth Sobel.

Fire in the Library is a game for one to six players, ages eight years to adult, & may take fifteen to thirty minutes to play.

In Fire in the Library players will try to save as many books as possible before the library burns to the ground.FITL-1

The Library cards will be set up in four sections to represent the four different types of books. This will create the Library. Additionally, seven red “fire” cubes will be added to the Library bag with the remaining ten cubes sitting off to the side.

At the beginning of the game players will receive a reference card, a Librarian meeple, & two tool cards. Three tool cards are drawn & laid next to the stack of tool cards forming a general marketplace for all players.


Turn order cards will be given out to each player. Turn order is decided on how many points a player has. The first turn player will always be the player with the most points. The number of turn order cards are dependent on how many players are in the game. This will decide on how many turns a round lasts.


The active player will then draw one cube from the bag & place it on their turn order card. Depending on the turn order card there will be safe spaces or spaces that are considered risky. After the active player places their first cube they will then decide to continue to draw from the bag. Drawing a red fire cube & placing on a safe space negates a fire from starting.

If the active player decides to continue they run the risk of drawing a red cube that may start a fire. If a player does continue and they draw one of the four color of books then they will continue placing them on their turn card without a negative effect. The player may decide to stop any time. Depending on where they end their turn, they will collect either a tool or points for the books they save.

If they do continue to push their luck & they pull two red fire cubes or place one of those fire cubes on a risky space they will start the library on fire. When a fire is started the active player will stop drawing cubes from the bag. They may then try to stop the fire by using a Tool card. If they do they can immediately return to saving books.

If they can not contain the fire then they will remove the top card of each section of libraFITL-4ry that represents each book that was destroyed on their turn. If a library section is revealed that has a flame icon printed on it then an a red fire cube is placed inside of the library bag. The active player will then take a tool card from the open market or off the top of the tool deck. That player will then end their turn without scoring.

When a full round has ended, when everyone takes a turn, a new round will begin with the removal of a library card with the lowest Burn Index Number. The player with the most points at the beginning of a new round will become the first player.

Play continues until one section of the library is completely removed. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


There is a solo & multiplayer variant to the game. In the multiplayer variant players can add in an AI player. This works with less than six players.  In the solo variant, the player will face off against the AI. The AI will burn both burn books & collect points on its turn.

Right now Fire in the Library is on Kickstarter. It is being published by Weird Giraffe Games, publishers of Stellar Leap! & Super Hack: Override. You can currently back the game here: Fire in the Library. The starting tier for Fire in the Library is $19 & works it way up to $157.

Now what do I think about Fire in the Library? Well, I’ve been following the design creation of this game for the past year. And I am not disappointed at all with this game. I recommend backing Fire in the Library because Tony Miller & John Prather really knew what they were doing when they designed this game.

The game is fun with any amount of players. I like playing the solo variant. There is a ton of press your luck with Fire in the Library. The more red fire cubes add, the harder the game becomes & you really have to decide if you want to keep trying to save books or if you want to stop with what you have already saved.

Get ready to save some books & game on!

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