A long time ago I became really interested in customizable card games. Maybe it is my love of creating decks or maybe it’s the fact that anything could happen at any time while playing a game.

Over the years I have learned how to play some really good customizable card games & I have played some really bad ones. Of course that will happen from time to time in the gaming industry.

Over the past four years I have been introduced to a dozen or so customizable card games that launched their future through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a great platform for card games. In these past few years I have been disappointed & sometimes a little surprised at games that have & haven’t made it. There have have many themes I thought would have made it but didn’t.

This brings me to a new game launching this October 2018. The theme is perfect for a card game & hasn’t been done too often. That theme is witchcraft & the game is called Maiden Voyage.

Maiden Voyage is a two player card game, for ages thirteen to adult, & may take thirty minutes to play.

In Maiden Voyage each player will receive a specific deck of cards along with a small & one large 6-sided die, one 10-sided sie, & one 20-sided die. Each die will be used for counting specific information during play.

At the start of the game each player will choose three witches as their lineup. There are six witches included in each deck; two High Priestesses & four initiates. A player must pick two initiates & one High Priestess.

Once the witches are placed in the lineup, that player will pick a wand from their deck & place it on one of the witches. They will also do the same thing with the Mortar & Pestle card, & the Alembic card.

Each player will then draw five cards. A card may take one mulligan if they do not like what they have drawn. Players will each roll a 6-sided die to decide on who will play first. This is the duel.

The first three turns of the game with be a grace period. The grace period prevents players from attacking each other real early in the game. This enables the players to start building spells & making elixirs.

A player will have a bunch of options during their turn. In the draw phase a player will be able to decide if they will want to either draw a card or if they want to activate a Magick Circle that is already out. If they do decide to activate it, this is called synchronicity. Synchronicity is the act of rolling a die to activate the Magick Circle.

Next is the Prep Phase. In this phase players must first activate any recurring effects from grimoires or idols, adjust any Magick Circle counters, discard an idol or grimoire if expired, untap any allied witches that are not currently paralyzed, protected, or equipped.

When that is finished a player may now summon a witch to the field, equip a Tool card to one of the witches, or use an elixir.

Next is the Action Phase. In this phase a player may tap a witch to activate an equipped Tool card or to activate one of their abilities. Each witch will have different spiritual path abilities. When a player is finished with their action phase, their turn is over & it passes to the opposing player.

Witches will be able to attack other witches by activating Idols, Magick Circles, & using vile weapons, & their wands. When a player defeats three opposing witches they win the match.

There are many card games out there. Not many are themed by being able to play witches. Many games will use spells but none of those games allow you to take herbs & use them in spells.

Maiden Voyage is a unique card game that has some potential. I look forward to seeing how this card game reaches the gaming community. Not all will like the theme but I think it is something different that people may be looking forward to.

Get ready to cast some spells & game on!

-Christopher Richter

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