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Christoph Richter
Ruskin, Florida

Bio: If you are reading this then you have made your way to my awesome games review website. I am the man-in-charge of all these great reviews that you see. And as you can see I love games from those great older vintage games to the wonderfully innovative new games we see coming out every day. But I won't stop there. Not only am I a game reviewer, I am also a writer, a minister, & a lover of pretty much anything geeky. Thank you for coming to my page & I hope you enjoy reading my many reviews. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Be sure to join me on Twitter & stop by & become a member of the Board Gaming For the Win community on Facebook. Enjoy your day & as on! "Life is not a game we should take lightly. Make the wrong move and you could lose, make the right move and you could win. Keep looking ahead to achieve your goals."

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One thought on “About

  1. Hi there!

    You retweeted one of my Bet the Games posts on Twitter so I thought I’d reach out!

    Anyways, that is my game which is up on Kickstarter & even with all the social boosting I’ve done so far I’m having trouble getting traction, but I know it’s a good idea, people who have played have liked it.

    In short, it’s a sports betting card game that you play while watching baseball or football. Very simple, easy to learn, cute characters. You don’t have to like sports to have fun with it either.

    Tell me what you think, I can mail one out if you want too (campaign ends the 28th unfortunately, so a little time crunched).



    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!


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