As a kid, we (my family) would get together & watch shows like Win, Lose, or Draw on television. Win, Lose, or Draw was very popular back in the 80’s. Then we would go over to a relative’s house to hang out & we would play Pictionary. Ah…the good ‘ol days of gaming.

Not too much has changed in the world of party games where you have to draw & have people guess what it is that has been drawn. I mean there are more modern drawing games like Telestrations & Pictionary Man. So what could make these games a little more exciting?

Well, let us get rid of the pencil & paper & replace them with wooden pieces.

That gets us to the new Kickstarter project launched from the team who created the party card game, Deer Lord!, back in 2015. Deer Lord! is so popular that it can be found at your local Target store.

But let us get back to their new Kickstarter project launched on July 2nd, 2018. This new party game is called Bilder. The game of Bilder bucks the feel of the normal drawing & guessing party game by adding in wooden shapes.


Bilder is for two to twelve players, ages ten years to adult, & may take forty-five minutes to an hour to play. Playtime depends on how many people are playing the game.

Bilder comes with forty customized wooden pieces to be used in building a scene for players to guess. The game ends when a player has collected all the letters that make the word B-I-L-D-E-R. These letters will be found on the cards used to play the game.

Each turn one person will be the builder. That player will draw a WHAT card & they will choose between one of the two things on the card to build. Things on the cards are Beings, Imagined, Locations, Devices, Events, & Rest. To help move the game along faster & make it easier to play, that player will give the letter that they are building.

The builder will then move on to choose one of three already revealed HOW cards. This will give an extra challenge to building what needs to be assembled. The builder may choose to ignore the HOW card but using the HOW card will hopefully end up rewarding the builder.

The builder then starts to create what is on the WHAT card. As the builder creates the other players may start guessing as to what that player is creating. The builder may move things, stack things, set things into motion, but they may not make any sounds.

The first player that guesses what the builder is making will earn the WHAT card & the builder, hopefully using the HOW card will earn that as a reward.

Again, the first player to collect the letters B-I-L-D-E-R from those cards collected will win the game.

The Bilder Kickstarter project will run through August 1st, 2018. Everyone backing this project will have to remember that this game is being developed in Belgium. So all the tier prices are in Euros.

I usually listed a handful of tiers that are being offered but I am going to skip that are go directly to the tier that I think is the bet to back. That is the $52 tier. This tier offers the base game, an exclusive Kickstarter deck of WHAT cards, & the unlocked stretch goals.

If interested you can back the game here: Bilder Kickstarter project


I’m hoping that Bilder will become a successful Kickstarter project & then hit the shelves like Deer Lord!. Bilder will be the next family night, fun time game that everyone will be able to get together & enjoy.

Bilder is fun, complex, & will get the imagination flowing in each & every person that plays no matter how old they are.

So get to creating & game on!

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